Thursday, April 3, 2014

Remarkable Wedding Gifts!

I have always believed that a wedding reception is truly a gift to your guests; your way of saying "thank you" for bearing witness to your exchanging of vows.  So no matter how big or how small, your gift is perfect for your guests -- there is no bad gift.

We at The Garrett-Bullock House also have many brides ask us for solutions on what to do with many of the elements of their wedding once the day is complete.  To us, these are also gifts that you can share with others.  Here are some of our favorites!

Your Wedding Flowers -- After the wedding, we have many couples ask what to do with the flowers since they are going on their honeymoon immediately afterwards.  

For our couples, we always offer the opportunity to allow us to take them to the Cancer Center where my Mother received her chemotherapy.  I wish there was an adequate way to describe the expression on both patients and caregivers faces as we enter the room with flower arrangements in hand to place throughout the room.  They are a wonderful distraction from what is truly going on as they try to guess what types of flowers are in the arrangements, stand near them to enjoy the fragrance, ponder what the wedding was like, or even begin a conversation of their own wedding day.  It is amazing of how the joy of your day can be shared for days afterwards.

In the same light, nursing homes are also a wonderful place to share your flowers.  We have worked with many of our couples families who separate the flowers into smaller vases and take them to nursing homes for the residents to enjoy.  One of my favorite stories came from a man who would never get out of his bed.  Frustrated about his new living situation, he just stared out the window.  When they delivered the flowers, he sat up and moved to the end of the bed just to get near the arrangement and was changed by their kindness. 

Your Wedding Favors -- Many people struggle with what to give their guests for favors so why not donate the money you would have spent on it and donate to your favorite charity or cause.  Place signage out to let your guests know that the donation was made in their name toward your favorite worthy cause.

Your Wedding Dress -- You took so much care into selecting the perfect dress and now that you're married -- now what?

You can always have your dress cleaned and preserved to pass along to future generations to consider.  Our sister company, Celebrate Tuxedos, can assist you with that process if you would like to do that.

You can donate your dress.  There are many organizations like Brides For A Cause you can donate it to have it resold but I would like to share with you about an awesome reuse of your dress.


You can donate your wedding dress to organizations like NICU Helping Hands and Rachel's Gift where they use your wedding dress to make baby gowns for those who have lost their infants from pre-maturity or being stillborn.  These gowns made from bridal gowns are provided to NICU units so that the parents can lay to rest their child in a beautiful gown provided to them instead of going through the pain of having to go shop for something after this tragedy occurs.

No matter what you choose to offer just know that the gift will always be accepted with arms open wide and the recipient is very grateful to be thought of as part of your day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Unforgettable Weekend!

Do you have someone you've always wanted to work with?  I definitely do!  One of those people has been Stephanie Hamlet of Stephanie Hamlet Photography!

Stephanie and I have known each other for nearly a decade (you know -- when we were both 15) and there is something about her eye to see things in a wedding that has always just had me shake my head and say "WOW!"  So when we opened The Garrett-Bullock House, I couldn't wait for the opportunity to have her shoot a wedding at the house.  Five years later, we had an incredible couple who chose Stephanie to capture their special day and she definitely didn't disappoint!  Just the sneak peak pictures are amazing and we can't wait to see the rest!

Alison and Sean are both music educating professionals and their wedding party as well as their guests were just top notch people all the way around!  It's always a great wedding when people come into a wedding ready to embrace people they don't know and make them part of the family!  This one was full of love, joy, and family.

This weekend's wedding also included some new additions to The Garrett-Bullock House!  Lynda has been working diligently on some vintage outdoor seating areas and they turned out to be enjoyed by all of the guests at this weekend's wedding!

The other addition was actually very spontaneous but in true Lynda fashion she found a very beautiful way to  having things ready for the guests toasts!  I think this idea is a keeper!

So let us raise a glass to Alison and Sean and their new life together!  May your life be filled with the joy, love, and happiness from your wedding day throughout every day of your life!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fashionable Farewell!

Lately brides and grooms are trying to find unique and fashionable ways to accomplish a really memorable departure shot.  It's truly the cherry on the top of the sundae for your guests to remember your final moment at your reception and it is usually a really awesome image!

The Garrett-Bullock House has been apart of some awesome departures and so here are some of our favorites!

Our most popular departure tradition is using sparklers.  At the end of the night, they light up the front walk with the house framing out the background!  It's beautiful and everyone loves to swing a sparkler around to celebrate your joy!

And then there's BUBBLES!  They are quite traditional but still wonderful.  You need quite a number of them to see them in the images but when you have enough people, they are a really neat effect!

One of my new favorites is glo sticks!  You need to get the long ones for really cool images but the colors that are added to the picture are amazing!

Some couples go for the more traditional look with throwing flower petals as they leave their reception and head to the honeymoon!

A new departure we're starting to see is tossing of lavender!  It's pretty and leaves a fantastic aroma lofting in the air!

I have to admit one of my all time favorite departure shots was from one of our coordinator's off site weddings where they used ice cream sprinkles!  The groom topped the departure moment off by running through with his mouth open!

And finally, if you would really like to leave your reception with a BANG, there's always the fireworks departure!  Which you can have for FREE if you get married on the 4th of July!  Always impressive!

However you depart, just make it your own as you are sent off from an awesome reception at The Garrett-Bullock House to a lifetime of happiness!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love! Even In The Soil!

Anyone who truly knows anyone who works at The Garrett-Bullock House knows we each have really cool stories about the house.  Sorry, no haunting here -- only blessings and thing that touch your heart.

While I was mowing the grass at the house this weekend, I was reminded of one that always touches mine.

The first year we were open, we wanted to make a comfortable space where our smokers could enjoy themselves.  We had already built a brick pathway to the parking lot and decided to make one to our smoker's retreat as well.  While clearing the ground, we found many bricks buried deep and then we started finding more.

We found broken pieces of china, pieces of a broken stone table, and pieces of an area that obviously was a retreat all it's own at a moment in time.  Then Scott pulled up something that nearly took our breath away.

One of the pieces of the broken stone tabletop was in the shape of heart.

So appropriate...So fitting...Just absolutely perfect....

And we all knew that this piece needed to be apart of our new path...forever placed in the pathway outside where people come to celebrate their love for one another.

That's one of my favorites -- what are yours?